Mended Melody

by Ameal

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This is my very first EP! I'm excited and proud to finally get some music out! Hope you enjoy these songs I've worked hard on!


released May 20, 2016

All songs written and performed by Ameal Cameron Jr.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ryan Erwin at Baton Rouge Music Studios

Drums by Brian Bell
Female vocals by Carolyn Ray
Bass by Ryan Erwin
All courtesy of Baton Rouge Music Studios

Lead vocals and guitar by Ameal Cameron Jr.

Copywright 2016



all rights reserved


Ameal Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Track Name: Drifting Away
I feel this weight on my heart
The pressure tears me apart
I'm feeling weak in the knees
Cause I think you wanna be set free

Can't make you stay
But it's so hard to watch you leave
Can't you see
That you mean so much to me

And I don't wanna lose you
Cause I'm tired of starting over
And yeah I lose my cool but it's only cause I care
I feel the change
I feel you Drifting Away, Drifting Away
Through my hands
I feel you slipping away, slipping away

I feel my anger turning to rage
I feel my sadness turning to pain
I've let my self get in the way
As I close my eyes to pray
I say

Can't you see
That she means so much to me
I'll do anything
Just please don't let her leave


I let my anger get the best of me
Look what I've done, look what I've done
And my words always fail me
Look what I've done, look what I've done
I never find the right words to say

Track Name: Cut Your Losses
I know it's nice when somebody wants you
Can't make them stay if they don't want to
Better move on before they hurt you
I know you wanna work it out but it ain't worth it
Cut your losses

Don't ignore the signs
First they don't have time
And you can't do nothing right
And the tension builds in your mind
Feels like you can't connect
And you've lost your confidence
Everything you've built is starting to fall
And you can feel the trouble in your heart


Defaming your character
Your cries for peace don't register
Arguing for nothing
And the things they say hurt your soul


Do you remember when
You first became friends
You started spending all that time together
Do you remember how
You fell in love with their smile
You thought you found the one but forget it

Track Name: S.O.S.
Trapped in the oceans of me
Is me trying to breathe
Trying to find a way out
Longing for peace

I've been leaning
On things that won't protect me
Things that just aren't healthy
Things that won't help me
And I've been feeling lonely
Said I need someone to hold me
Someone to console me
Tell me
Everything's gonna be alright

You can hear my heart say
Save me
You can hear my heart say
Save me

I can be your hero or your villain
It all depends on you
I get fed up with all this sinning



Ladadada x2
Track Name: Never Knew
I never knew that your words could mean so much
I never knew that your time could mean so much
Until you told me all my flaws
Can't believe you broke me with your tongue

I never knew that my mind could think so much
I never knew that my heart could feel so much
Until you broke it in two
Girl I can stop thinking about you

Wish I could make it right
Wish you'd see me in another light
Go back to the time
When we had stronger ties
You and I
Cause now, now
It's like I never knew you
Now, now
It's like I never knew you

I never knew that you could mean so much
I never knew that we could be so close
I opened my heart and you left it empty
I guess it's my fault for being so trusting

I never knew that I could be so sad
I never knew that I could be so stressed
Apologizing even though you hurt me
All of these feelings trapped inside me

Track Name: Trance
You tend to hide away
But I'm drawn to you like moths to a flame
It ripples to my core
The pounding in my chest keeps me wanting

It's like you've cast a spell
Put me in a trance
And I can't break free

I feel you in my bones
You feed a part of me I've never known
I need you in my space
At the thought of you my heart begins to race
I feel I'm latching on
And I never intend to let go

Your presence fills a room
I'm intoxicated with your every move
You take my breath away
I'm crippled by the warmth in your gaze